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As of March 2010, the following is the latest information FootCare Consultants of Cleveland has regarding treating nail fungus (onychomycosis) with laser therapy. We are still convinced that using a laser to treat fungus nails is a valid option to offer our patients. The big question is which laser will be the safest and most effective? The Pinpointe laser which is currently being used by many podiatrists around the country is still not FDA approved (be careful when you read the words "approved" vs. "cleared" for use, there is a difference). They also still do not have any published studies on large groups of patients to prove their claim that it has an 88% cure rate.

The Noveon laser by Nomir Medical is currently seeking FDA approval for their laser. As of mid January they have met 9 of 11 requirements that the FDA needs to grant approval. We are being told full approval may come this spring or early summer. We have also been informed that a study proving the safety and effectiveness of the Neveon laser will be published in a national podiatry journal within the next few months.

What to do next...We know you are anxious to resolve this difficult health problem and are committed to help you meet this goal. At this time we still recommend waiting until there are published studies and FDA approval to support the safety and effectiveness of this procedure. We will begin to offer this new technology as soon as we feel it will benefit our patients as with any other procedure or treatment we offer. If you would like to have your nails evaluated and discuss the current options available at one of our locations in Middleburg Heights, Beachwood or Lyndhurst we would be happy to schedule an appointment.

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