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Helpful Tips to Avoid Dry Winter Skin

Your skin, the largest organ in your body, often needs a little extra help during winter months to stay healthy and intact. In the dead of winter your skin suffers from dry air, hot showers and exposure to the cold and wind. But there are some common sense things you can do keep your skin healthy.

· Moisturize frequently. Apply moisturizer immediately after showering while your skin is still damp and, if possible, several times throughout the day.

  • Pay attention to sensitivities. If you have fair or sensitive skin, look for products that are labeled “hypoallergenic”. If you have oily skin, look for products that won’t clog your pores and are labeled “non-comedogenic” or products that are oil-free. If your skin is especially dry, choose heavier lotions that are richer in oils and emollients.
  • Read the ingredients. Moisturizers can seal moisture into the skin or attract moisture. Products will contain ingredients that do one or both of these things. Sealing moisturizers (or Occlusive ingredients) include names like lanolin, petrolatum, mineral oil, and coconut oil. Ingredients that attract moisture to the skin’s surface (or humectants) include names like propylene glycol, urea, sorbitol and glycerin. Another important ingredient is alpha hydroxy acid or AHA, which exfoliates dead skin and improves moisture retention. Great OTC products include Curel, Eucerin, Amlactin or Amerigel, in which we sell in our offices. 

· Lower the thermostat in your house.

· Humidify your air. Use a humidifier or place a pot of water on your wood or pellet stove to release moisture into the air.

· Avoid hot showers. Hot water in the winter might feel good, but it is the most effective means of stripping your skin of its essential oils and can be particularly hard on your feet.

· Avoid drying soaps, use moisturizing shower gels, instead.

· Stay hydrated.

· Before bed, apply another thick layer of moisturizer and pull on a pair of cotton socks. Not only will this extra layer protect your linens, but it will also help keep your extremities warm, which will boost the moisturizing power.

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