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Parents can help prevent a common and painful foot problem in children by following a few simple tips.

Ingrown toenails is one of the most common podiatric conditions treated in children. Ingrown Toenails Tight shoes, tight socks and/or incorrect nail trimming are the main culprits. In other cases, inheritance of nails to curve in is another less common culprit.

Most kids hide their ingrown toenails from their parents, even though the condition may cause significant pain due to fear of doctors or other underlying reasons. However, over time, the nail may break the skin and lead to dangerous infections. In order to prevent this from occurring, please follow the tips provided below:

1.) Teach children how to trim their toenails properly. Trim toenails in a fairly straight line, and don't cut them too short.

2.) Ensure your child's shoes fit. Shoe width is more important than length. Make sure that the widest part of the shoe matches the widest part of your child's foot. Children's Shoes

3.) If your child develops a painful ingrown toenail, reduce the inflammation by soaking the child's foot in room-temperature water and gently massaging the side of the nail fold.

The only proper way to treat a child's ingrown toenail is with a minor surgical procedure at a doctor's office. Never try to dig the nail out or cut it off. These dangerous "bathroom surgeries" carry a high risk for infection. If your child is suffering from this condition, please contact one of our offices immediately for a consultation.Our Offices

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