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Even on the hottest days of summer, some people find themselves outside, under the scorching sun, walking around with cold feet. The cause of the cold sensation is a foot problem known as Raynaud's Disease.


Raynaud's Disease is a disorder that affects the hands and feet. It is caused by contraction of the smooth muscles controlling the small arteries supplying circulation into the hands and feet. This contraction, called a vaso-Spasms, makes the arteries so small that they restrict blood flow.


How you can combat Raynaud's, to allow your feet to warm?


     During the colder months, wear a scarf, gloves or mittens and a good pair of socks '  

     and boots at all  times.  A hat is also very important since the body loses a lot of

     heat through the head.


     During the warmer months it is good to have a sweater handy as air conditioning can trigger an attack. If  

     you are indoors, wear socks and lower the air conditioning at home; never walk around barefoot.


     Avoid taking cold beverages with your hands, washing vegetables with cold water and taking food from

     the freezer without gloves


     Don't smoke and avoid second-hand smoke as nicotine causes the skin temperature to drop


     Exercise frequently to improve circulation


     Learn relaxation techniques to reduce stress levels


     Do not engage in activities that put pressure on the fingertips (example playing piano or guitar)


Take care of your hands and feet as skin may become very dry from reduced circulation. Hydrate your skin with a lotion containing lanolin and use a soft and creamy soap. Keep your cuticles soft and hydrated.


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Written By: Dr.Jennifer Zienkowski-Zubel, DPM