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Posts for: February, 2015


1.) Raise, point, and curl your toes for five seconds on each foot. Repeat 10 times. Rotate your ankles to relax your feet. Cup your heel and rotate each ankle slowly five times to help loosen ankle joints.

2.) Massage your feet; it releases tension, promotes circulation, and rejuvenates the skin after a long day of walking and standing. Add your favorite scented lotion into the mix for a soothing, relaxing experience.

3.) Elevate your legs. If you’re prone to swollen ankles or calves and you sit a lot at work, elevate your legs with a foot stool under your desk. At the end of the day, reduce swelling by lying down and lifting your legs above your heart.


For people with health issues like diabetes, foot health is especially important when the weather turns cold, as the disease can affect your body’s circulation even more so during the winter months. People with diabetes should keep these tips in mind:

1.) You probably wouldn’t dream of going barefoot outside in the winter, but you shouldn’t do it inside, either. Always wear shoes and socks when walking outside, as well as inside. They afford a needed layer of warmth and protection.

2.) Stay active. Physical activity aids circulation, which is critical for people with diabetes. Don’t let the cold weather be your excuse for becoming—or staying—sedentary. Get regular exercise, and don’t be afraid to do it outdoors. Just remember to properly protect your feet from moisture and cold while you’re outside.

3.) Wash and inspect your feet daily. Perform your self-exam at the same time every day and watch for changes in skin color, sores, swelling, blisters, peeling, cracking, or other signs of a problem. When you have diabetes, even a minor wound can become a problem, so don’t wait to see a podiatrist if you develop an injury that’s not healing.

Keeping feet healthy and pain-free can ensure a happy and healthy winter season. If you’re unsure of how to properly care for your feet during winter, or if you experience foot pain or a wound that won’t heal, call 1 of Our Offices immediately!

Onchomycosis or nail fungus is a contagious fungus of the nails most commonly invading the toenails.  Not only is this nail fungus unsightly, it is contagious as well, and derives from the same fungus that causes ringworm.  Onchomycosis attacks the nail bed and the nail plate causing thickening, loosening and/or relocation of the toenails, weak and brittle nail tissue, erosion, deterioration, reshaping of the nail edges and/or nail discoloration.   Approximately 35 million people in the USA are affected with a toenail fungal infection.

Home remedies for this condition consist of Australian tea tree oil and/or grapefruit seed extract, which contain anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Medical treatment for this condition includes topical medications, oral medication and/or laser therapy.  Oral medications include Lamisil and/or Sporanox.  These drugs help a new nail grow free of infection, slowly replacing the infected part.  This drug is taken for 6-12 weeks with the end result being seen when the new nail grows back completely.  Oral antifungals may cause side effects ranging from skin rash to liver damage.  You may need occasional blood tests to check on how you are doing with these types of drugs.  These medications may not be recommended for patients with liver damage or congestive heart failure and/or those taking certain medications.  Laser therapy is an effective form of treatment, exhibited in numerous studies, however, is not covered by insurance.  Topical medications include Jublia.

Jublia is a topical solution applied to the toenails daily, designed to eliminate fungus on the toenail surface, the nail bed, around the nail and under the nail. You are a candidate for Jublia if you answer yes to any of these three questions, listed below:

  1. Do you have thickened or discolored toenails?
  2. Are you concerned by the way your toenails look?
  3. Has the appearance or condition of your toenails caused you to avoid certain events or wearing certain shoes?

If you are tired of fighting toenail fungus please schedule an appointment today at one of Our Offices. FIGHT IT, Don’t HIDE IT…with Jublia (efinaconazole) Topical Solution, 10%.