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Posts for: August, 2012


Foot Pain after Walking/ Running Events

Many people this summer will be participating in long distance walking and/or running events such as the Susan G. Komen 3-Day and the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon.  There are several common foot conditions that can develop after the many miles walked or run.  The most common conditions are Turf Toe, Blisters, Stress fractures and Plantar Fasciitis.  Turf Toe is a condition that develops when the toe nail has been subject to constant micro trauma causing the nail to loosen from the underlying nail bed.  This will result in bleeding under the nail.  A purplish discoloration will develop under a small portion of the nail or in more advanced cases the whole nail may be involved.  This condition can result in pain and swelling and at times infection.  If the nail is very painful, the fluid beneath the nail will need to be drained.  This can usually be done without an anesthetic and with little or no pain.  Blisters are fluid filled bumps on the skin that develop from abnormal or excess friction over the skin surface.  Improper (tight or loose) fitting shoes are usually the cause.  Small blisters usually resolve over time however larger blisters may need medical attention to resolve the condition.  Stress Fractures are micro fractures within the bone mostly occurring in the metatarsals which are found in the middle portion of the foot behind the toes.  This causes pain swelling and at times bruising.  Pain is present with each step.  A simple X-ray is usually all that is needed to make a diagnosis.  If treated early, stress fractures can heal within 3-4 weeks.  If left untreated, stress fractures may eventually develop into a full fracture requiring longer treatment.  Plantar Fasciitis is a painful condition that develops on the bottom of the heel(The Heel Pain Center).  This is an inflammatory condition that develops in the soft tissue called the plantar fascia which starts out on the heel and fans across the arch inserting into the base of the toes.   Often confused with heel spurs, people who develop Plantar Fasciitis experience a sharp to dull aching pain.  The pain is most intense with walking after periods of rest, especially with the first few steps in the morning.   Most of the time, the pain persists throughout the day and is relieved with rest.   A diagnostic ultrasound which evaluates the inflamed soft tissue is needed to confirm the diagnosis and to rule out other causes of heel pain.

The above painful foot conditions are what we call overuse injuries and are commonly seen after long walking or running events.  After congratulating yourself for accomplishing your goal, take a well-deserved rest.  If after 1-3 days, you are still experiencing foot pain, contact FootCare Consultants of Cleveland for an appointment to have your pain evaluated and treated or go to our website for more information.


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